Microcom Incorporated

Contact us at 714-505-9806

"Building New Ideas"

Micro Com Manufacturing builds cables and wiring harnesses to customer specification.  ISO9000 factory provides quality, reliability, and service to the electronics industry, building custom cables for 10 years. 


No one gives you a greater selection of superior mechanical cable products than Micro Com Inc. No matter the application or the physical specifications your product requires, we have the product offering and the technical expertise necessary to provide a better solution for your needs.

Build to Print - You provide the drawing and we build to your requirements including: Material, dimensions and tolerances, and marking. 

Material Selection - Supporting a variety of cable materials and connector requirements.  We guarantee 100% AVL components.

Work Flow - You provide 2D via pdf or CAD and we do the rest. 

Quality - All factories are ISO9000 certified demonstrating excellent quality and reliability.

Logistics and Customer Service - Warehousing and logistics are located in Tustin CA, 92780.

Cable Types


  Storage cables - SCSI

  Flat Ribbon

  AC Power

  Data high speed

  Wired signal Interconnect






  High Power

Magic Link

"Illuminated  Retractable Cables"

  USB male to female

  USB male to male

  USB std to USB mini - cell phones

  USB std to USB B - printers

  USB to IPOD std

  IPOD car charger


  Red, Blue, Green in stock

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