Microcom Incorporated

Contact us at 714-505-9806

"Building New Ideas"

Micro Com Manufacturing  provides PCB's and PCB assemblies.  ISO9000 factory provides quality, reliability, and service to the electronics industry, building PCBs for over 10 years.   

Build to Print - We provide blank PCB's from your Gerber file as well as complete tested assemblies based on schematics, test plans, and Bill of Materials (BOM).

Material Selection - Supporting a variety of PCB materials and component sourcing for your design.   We guarantee 100% AVL components.

Work Flow - You provide Gerber file, schematic and BOM and we provide you a completed assembly.

Quality - All factories are ISO9000 certified demonstrating excellent quality and reliability.

Logistics and Customer Service - Warehousing and logistics are located in Tustin CA, 92780.

PCB Types

  Rigid double-sided and multilayer

  RoHS compliant surface finishes




Max Size

  2-21 layers

  16" x 22"

  1oz to 11oz Cu+ 


  2-21 layer

  100% Netlist testing

  Multiple surface finishes

  Controlled impedance verification

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