Microcom Incorporated

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Micro Com Custom and semi custom transformers, Inductors, and chokes.  We have a factory in China for making custom build to print parts.  We can make both through hole and surface mount devices.  Options for single, dual, or multiple winding transformers.  We also provide second source transformers, inductors and chokes for Pulse, UMET, Qualcomm and TDK.
Prototypes take 2-3 weeks to prepare and our low cost manufacturing provides cost reductions to meet your requirements.
Transformers Through Hole and Surface Mount:
  50/60Hz PCB Mount
  Power Ferrite
  Surface Mount Line Matching
  Through Hole Current Sensing
  High Frequency current Sensing
  ADSL Central Office Post Splitter

Inductors Through Hole and Surface Mount
  High Current WIUND
  High Current Ceramic
  High Current Shielded
  High Current Power
  Low Profile
  Magnetic shielded surface
  Power Chip
Cores (made in-house)
Bobbins (made in-house)


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