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X-Fan, Xinruilian Distribution


AC Fans

Axial, Blower, Motorized Impeller

  Input voltage: 100-125 or 200-240 VAC

  Ball and Sleeve Bearing

  Various speeds

  Air flow 10.3 CFM to 568 CFM


  Operating voltage +-10% of rated voltage

  Storage Temp -40C to 80C at 65% relative humidity

  Insulation Resistance 100Mohm @ DC 500V

  Dielectric strength AV 1500V for 3 sec (<0.5mA allowed)

  Noise: measured 1 m in Anechoic chamber + 16dBA noise

  Vibration: JIS C0040 Amplitude 1.5mm, Freq 10-55Hz

  Shock:  JIS0041 Acceleration 100G

  Life Expectancy is 50,000 hrs for ball, 30,000 hrs sleeve

  Safety:  UL, CUL, TUV, CE certifications

  Insulation: class B



DC fans

Axial, Blower, Skeleton, Centrifugal, x2 Impeller

  Input voltage: 12V, 24V, 48V, 5V, 60V

  Ball and Sleeve Bearing

  Various speeds

  Air flow 3 CFM to 137 CFM

Micro Com Distribution

Micro Com Distribution is a franchised distributor for GMT.  Micro Com maintains stock in Tustin, Ca 92780.  Please contact us for quotes and deliveries at 714-505-9806 or Fax 714-505-9961

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